Captain Tsubasa 30-31 released!


First, I had planned to release “Captain Tsubasa 30-31-32″ at the same time, but a problem with the encode of the episode 32 prevented that, so I decided to release “Captain Tsubasa 30-31″ now, and “Captain Tsubasa 32″ later (in a few days).

So, “Captain Tsubasa 30-31″ are out (XDCC/BT). In fact, episode 30 has been released a few hours ago but I prefered to wait until the release of the episode 31 to do a news.

The DDL section is dead for now. As everyone may know, Megaupload has been closed. I’m waiting to see which hostings will continue their services and which ones will stop before deciding where I’ll reupload all the episodes.

Meanwhile, I might still do some DDL links for the new releases. If I do so, I’ll notice you about it in the commentaries of this news, and probably also by editing this news.

Once “Captain Tsubasa 32″ is released, next releases will be “Dai no Daibouken 15-16″.

- Episode 30 (torrent) :

- Episode 31 (torrent) :


17 Responses to Captain Tsubasa 30-31 released!

  • KanonInD:

    I’m waiting for host links… T_T Anyway, thanks for subbing this anime and sharing it ^^ I love your sub. :x

  • muk99:

    Hurry up and relese the damn ep 15!!

  • Ryoma:

    thanks for subbing captain tsubasa…..i really love this anime but it’s so hard to find it,hope you will have good time subbing this anime…..cant’ wait for the next eps ^_^

  • Silphie:

    yay arigatou ~ ^o^ !!

  • darkstorm:

    I LOVE IT. Can’t wait for the next episodes! Thank you so much!

  • tyciol:

    Hm… since this is the first CapTsu series, it seems more important than the 2nd DQ series…

    I mean like… DaiNoDai is something I’m probably going to wait to watch until I’ve seen Hero Abel, being a slave to chronology.

  • Johnny:

    Unless I am wrong, Yuusha Abel and Dai no Daibouken have no link to each other, except they are inspired by “Dragon Quest” RPG.

  • Ahmed Han:

    Thank you for the subs so much. However, we fans have been waiting for a very long time for you to complete this project. It has been 5 years since you started, but yet there is only 31 episodes completed. With this pace, it is gonna be 2030 why you complete this project (and probably you will have given up it in the halfway). Can’t you just speed up the subbing process?

  • See “Live-Evil”, who take five years to sub “Versailles no Bara” (40 episodes) and no one complained (and who take as much time to sub each of their series).

    It’s always like that with old animes because no one want to work on them (just look how many editors dissapeared and you’ll understand how it’s hard to have some people works on old animes).

    And about myself, look here :

    Anyway, can’t be 2030, don’t forget the end of the world is for this year ;)

    And “can’t you be faster” is a dumb question. If we could, we would do it, that’s just common sense. The only thing questions like that do is just to want people who read that to drop everything.

    By the way, we never said we would do the whole series, we said “the first season”, so 56 episodes, so already did more than half it (26 episodes left), so at least, it would be for 2016, not 2030 ;)

    And to finish, before we started, there were only two episodes available subbed in english, so hey, not bad, no? Now, there are 31 episodes available (more than half of the first season, 1/4 of the whole series).

    Not to mention we are FRENCH (except Santabla, but he’s not american/english either), and so you can wonder why we are doing english subs of this series when, in France, we already have the whole series in DVD-Box subbed in french. Maybe because we think foreign peoples also deserve this series subbed? But hey, at the beginning, we shouldn’t be the ones doing thoses subs but english fansubbers, but no english fansubbers at all seems to care about this series, they prefer those silly/bad-drawn/fan-service/new animes (and the worst is that there are like 5 groups on each series, instead of one anime = one group, which would means more series subbed).

    I even think if I’m right, some series are fansubbed while Crunchyroll is releasing them… Isn’t that a big waste of time ?

  • darkstorm:

    Every episode takes a long time to do, especially with the quality that you guys are producing it.

    Thanks for all the effort.

  • Ahmed Han:

    Dear admin;
    I appreciate your efforts. I know that I have no right to demand anything from you, since you you are a fansubber and doing your job for free. But at this pace it really will not finish. Isn’t subbing only one episode in half a year too slow? I wish I new enough Japanese or subbing techniques so I could help you.

  • Johnny:

    SantaBla (who translates this anime) translated it until episode 33. Hiei- has to encode it yet, but he’s got his own problems (there is not only fansub in life), besides he’d plan to release some Dai no Daibouken before (he will confirm it or not).
    So be patient.
    By the way, think of all his french fans who are waiting for animes such as “Yu-Gi-Oh!” (seasons 0 & 2) or “Ring ni Kakero” 3rd season, it’s the same panorama for them.
    Thank u.

  • hady:

    Since I like dragon quest and captain tsubasa, I can encode them for free if you want

  • Johnny:

    It’s useless if we don’t have subs. Encoding is faster than translating.

  • Ahmed Han:

    Is this project dead?

  • Johnny:

    The team is about to die, but Saizen has picked up Captain Tsubasa and has released episode 32:

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