Captain Tsubasa 28-29 released!


First, happy new year to all!

We didn’t manage to do everything we planned but things are now fine again for me, so we’re back!

“Captain Tsubasa 28-29″ are out (XDCC/BT/Megaupload).

“Captain Tsubasa 30-31-32″ will be released during the next week-end (just need to encode them).

Then, meanwhile SantaBla will translate the next episodes, I’ll go back on “Dai no Daibouken”, it’s been a while without any episodes of this series.

I’m planning to release more or less soon three episodes to try to be back on a more regular pace (15-16-17).

“Ring ni Kakero” is not dropped, “OVA 4″ is still near the end of it’s completion but got delayed because of my health problems.

“Shin Captain Tsubasa 4″ is still waiting for a translation, but I finished the french one a while ago so it shouldn’t take too long. “Anime Sanjuushi 2″ is still waiting for an edit, I’ll try to see if someone can edit it as the translation is over since a while.

Two others things :

- SantaBla released “Shin Mazinger Z” in BluRay, more informations and download links here : (they’ll be put on the XDCC in a few hours. Once it’s done, I’ll say it on the forum thread).

- The registration on the forum is actually disabled because of too much spammer registration, I’ll try to check how to get ride of that before reopening it. If you really want/need to register on the forum, email me at with the login you want, I’ll register you with a default password that you can change later. Later!

Edit : Here’s the torrent links :

Episode 28 :

Episode 29 :

Edit 2 : As Megaupload is actually down, all the “Shin Mazinger Z” have been put on the XDCC of the team IRC channel.

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