Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa project is transfered to Saizen-Fansubs

I’m happy to see that some projects won’t die even though they won’t be done here anymore.

So from now, if you want new episodes of Captain Tsubasa, you’ll have to visit Saizen-Fansubs website :)

They just released the episode 32, starting from where Frenchies-Subs stopped.

So, good luck, Saizen-Fansubs :)

Captain Tsubasa 30-31 released!


First, I had planned to release “Captain Tsubasa 30-31-32″ at the same time, but a problem with the encode of the episode 32 prevented that, so I decided to release “Captain Tsubasa 30-31″ now, and “Captain Tsubasa 32″ later (in a few days).

So, “Captain Tsubasa 30-31″ are out (XDCC/BT). In fact, episode 30 has been released a few hours ago but I prefered to wait until the release of the episode 31 to do a news.

The DDL section is dead for now. As everyone may know, Megaupload has been closed. I’m waiting to see which hostings will continue their services and which ones will stop before deciding where I’ll reupload all the episodes.

Meanwhile, I might still do some DDL links for the new releases. If I do so, I’ll notice you about it in the commentaries of this news, and probably also by editing this news.

Once “Captain Tsubasa 32″ is released, next releases will be “Dai no Daibouken 15-16″.

- Episode 30 (torrent) :

- Episode 31 (torrent) :


Captain Tsubasa 28-29 released!


First, happy new year to all!

We didn’t manage to do everything we planned but things are now fine again for me, so we’re back!

“Captain Tsubasa 28-29″ are out (XDCC/BT/Megaupload).

“Captain Tsubasa 30-31-32″ will be released during the next week-end (just need to encode them).

Then, meanwhile SantaBla will translate the next episodes, I’ll go back on “Dai no Daibouken”, it’s been a while without any episodes of this series.

I’m planning to release more or less soon three episodes to try to be back on a more regular pace (15-16-17).

“Ring ni Kakero” is not dropped, “OVA 4″ is still near the end of it’s completion but got delayed because of my health problems.

“Shin Captain Tsubasa 4″ is still waiting for a translation, but I finished the french one a while ago so it shouldn’t take too long. “Anime Sanjuushi 2″ is still waiting for an edit, I’ll try to see if someone can edit it as the translation is over since a while.

Two others things :

- SantaBla released “Shin Mazinger Z” in BluRay, more informations and download links here : (they’ll be put on the XDCC in a few hours. Once it’s done, I’ll say it on the forum thread).

- The registration on the forum is actually disabled because of too much spammer registration, I’ll try to check how to get ride of that before reopening it. If you really want/need to register on the forum, email me at with the login you want, I’ll register you with a default password that you can change later. Later!

Edit : Here’s the torrent links :

Episode 28 :

Episode 29 :

Edit 2 : As Megaupload is actually down, all the “Shin Mazinger Z” have been put on the XDCC of the team IRC channel.

Captain Tsubasa 27 released!

“Captain Tsubasa 27″ is out (XDCC/BT/Megaupload).

Torrent link :

I have some things to say about the next releases but I’m quite tired, so it’ll wait tomorrow.

I’ll do another news tomorrow to say what I wanted to say in tonight news.


Edit : Torrent link added (I forgot to post it)

Captain Tsubasa 26 released!

“Captain Tsubasa 26″ is out (XDCC/BT/Megaupload).

The Megaupload link is not yet on the DDL page, I’m still waiting for Megaupload to accept my direct link to upload the episode. I’ll post a comment on the news once the Megaupload link will be available on the DDL page.

Note : This episode should have been released the previous week but I got sick and had to go the hospital and stay there during a week…

Torrent is still from Nyaatorrents :

Next planned releases : “Captain Tsubasa 27″, “Dai no Daibouken 15″ and “Ring ni Kakero – Shadow-Hen : OVA 4″

Captain Tsubasa 25 released!

“Captain Tsubasa 25″ is out (XDCC/BT/Megaupload).

Note : This episode is out since July 12 (for those who visit the forums/irc channel) but I was at my girlfriend’s house during a whole week and so, couldn’t do a proper news at that time).

Torrent is still from Nyaatorrents :

Batch for episodes 21-25 :

“Captain Tsubasa 26″ will be released this week-end.

Captain Tsubasa 23-24 released!

“Captain Tsubasa 23 and 24″ are out (XDCC/BT/Megaupload).

Note : Near the end of the episode 23, the audio says that it’s Urabe who’s going to shoot the corner.

But in the episode, we can clearly see that it’s not “Urabe” but “Taki”.

So I decided to put “Taki” in the sentence (it’s probably an error of the Seiyuu when he said the line) instead of what the speaker says (“Urabe”).

Torrents are still from Nyaatorrents :

Episode 23 :

Episode 24 :

Next planned releases are “Dai no Daibouken 15″, “Ring ni Kakero – Shadow-Hen : OVA 3″ and “Captain Tsubasa 25″.


Captain Tsubasa 22 released!

“Captain Tsubasa 22″ is out (XDCC/Megaupload).

Torrent not available yet, the ftp of the tracker seems down so it’ll put up later.

I’ll edit this post once the torrent will be ready.

Next release will be “Ring ni Kakero – Shadow-Hen : OVA 2″.

Later !

Edit : Well, the tracker FTP is up but I can’t upload files on it so we’ll use Nyaatorrents for the moment and I’ll check if the FTP is working again when the next release will be out.

Captain Tsubasa 21 released!

“Captain Tsubasa 21″ is out (XDCC/BT/Megaupload).

We hope to release “Dai no Daibouken 13″ during this week.

“Captain Tsubasa 22″, “Dai no Daibouken 14″ and “Ring ni Kakero – Shadow-Hen : OVA 2″ translations are in progress.


Captain Tsubasa 20 released!

“Captain Tsubasa 20″ is out (XDCC/BT/Megaupload).

When the project only had a few episodes released, I said our first aim was the episode 10.

When we reached the episode 10, I said our next aim was the episode 20.

So, now that we reached the episode 20, our next aim is the episode 30 :)

About “Dai no Daibouken 13″, the episode is still in editing and we hope to be able to release it in a few days (so at the end of the month/year or at the start of the next month, so January).

“Captain Tsubasa 21″ is already being translated and we also hope to be able to release it at the start of January.

“Dai no Daibouken 14″ is already being translated and we hope to be able to release it during January.

That’s all for now, so we wish you a merry christmas a bit late :P but we also wish you a happy new year in advance :D