Dragon Quest : Dai no Daibouken project is transfered to Anime-Koi

I’m happy to see that another project won’t die even though it won’t be done here anymore.

So from now, if you want new episodes of Dragon Quest : Dai no Daibouken, you’ll have to visit Anime-Koi website


They just released the episode 15, starting from where Frenchies-Subs stopped (and I’m actually uploading to them the RAWS of the remaining episodes, 16 to 46).

So, good luck, Anime-Koi :)

P.S. : There is also a team which is interested to take over Ring ni Kakero, but as we’ve done with Saizen and Anime-Koi, we’ll only announce it when it’ll be confirmed (so when they’ll have the next episode released).

About Shin Captain Tsubasa, it wasn’t confirmed but it seems logical that Saizen-Fansubs will do them once and if they finish the main series (as Shin Captain Tsubasa is the sequel of the main series).

About Anime Sanjuushi (Johnny’s project), it’ll be redone from the start (only two episodes were released so it’s not a big problem) by another team, where he’ll always be the translator for the project. He’ll write a news about it when the first episode will be released again, I think.

So if Ring ni Kakero is taken over by another team, all the projects of Frenchies-Subs will have a new home and that’s cool.

Not to mention that even if we don’t plan to close the channel, our XDCC bot can be found on Saizen’s irc channel (archives of the previous Captain Tsubasa episodes), and can also be found on Anime-Koi’s irc channel (archives of the previous Dai no Daibouken episodes).

The direct download page will also stay active as an archive of the releases of the team.

Captain Tsubasa project is transfered to Saizen-Fansubs

I’m happy to see that some projects won’t die even though they won’t be done here anymore.

So from now, if you want new episodes of Captain Tsubasa, you’ll have to visit Saizen-Fansubs website :)


They just released the episode 32, starting from where Frenchies-Subs stopped.

So, good luck, Saizen-Fansubs :)

News about the situation

As explained in the comments of the previous news, I finally got enough donations (on the french side of my fansubs activites) to replace all my hard drives so I hope 2013 will be a better year than 2012 in terms of fansubs.

So they might be some new releases sooner or later.

Sorry, no more fansubs for now… :(

While I was going backing to the fansubbing recently after this long delay, I got two hard drives failure in the last two months and lost 3 GB of datas (the last one died today).

Although I don’t think I lost any important datas, I don’t have enough money right now to replace my hard drives (especially when I know the last working fine right now is by far the oldest and will potentially also die sooner or later).

One only (small) hard drive remaining means “no more spacedisk to work on the fansubs” and I will try to get it live as long as I can by not using the computer too much, because I can’t afford to spend 500$ on some hard drives right now (I’m already in-debt of 700$ for my car).

I’ll buy some new hard drives fur sore, sooner or later but probably not before the next summer, it’ll take a lot of time to spare some money, when you only live with 500$/month, you can’t really afford to spend as much in one month only for some computer-things.

Meanwhile, I can’t really work on some fansubs of every kind (no english subs but no french subs either for the same reason).

So, sorry again, this year and the previous are really some fucking unlucky bad years for me…


Anime Sanjuushi 02 released!

Hi everybody, this is Johnny posting!

It was kind of long, but finally I did it and release for you Anime Sanjuushi episode 02! (XDCC/BT/DDL).

By the way, I announce, as I hinted it in my first post, that another project will follow, I hope to see it coming for this autumn.

Once the two first episodes of it will be released, I will work on Anime Sanjuushi again, then the other project will follow…

But currently, it’s time to enjoy Anime Sanjuushi episode 02!

Torrent :  http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=335756


Direct Downloads are back!

Like most people should be aware of it, Megaupload is closed.

So I decided to host the DDL links myself, on the server that is also hosting the XDCC.

For more informations, click on the “Direct Downloads” link in the right sidebar.

About the fansubs, I’ll try to have “Captain Tsubasa 32″ encoded for the week-end.


Captain Tsubasa 30-31 released!


First, I had planned to release “Captain Tsubasa 30-31-32″ at the same time, but a problem with the encode of the episode 32 prevented that, so I decided to release “Captain Tsubasa 30-31″ now, and “Captain Tsubasa 32″ later (in a few days).

So, “Captain Tsubasa 30-31″ are out (XDCC/BT). In fact, episode 30 has been released a few hours ago but I prefered to wait until the release of the episode 31 to do a news.

The DDL section is dead for now. As everyone may know, Megaupload has been closed. I’m waiting to see which hostings will continue their services and which ones will stop before deciding where I’ll reupload all the episodes.

Meanwhile, I might still do some DDL links for the new releases. If I do so, I’ll notice you about it in the commentaries of this news, and probably also by editing this news.

Once “Captain Tsubasa 32″ is released, next releases will be “Dai no Daibouken 15-16″.

- Episode 30 (torrent) : http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=280243

- Episode 31 (torrent) : http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=280436


Captain Tsubasa 28-29 released!


First, happy new year to all!

We didn’t manage to do everything we planned but things are now fine again for me, so we’re back!

“Captain Tsubasa 28-29″ are out (XDCC/BT/Megaupload).

“Captain Tsubasa 30-31-32″ will be released during the next week-end (just need to encode them).

Then, meanwhile SantaBla will translate the next episodes, I’ll go back on “Dai no Daibouken”, it’s been a while without any episodes of this series.

I’m planning to release more or less soon three episodes to try to be back on a more regular pace (15-16-17).

“Ring ni Kakero” is not dropped, “OVA 4″ is still near the end of it’s completion but got delayed because of my health problems.

“Shin Captain Tsubasa 4″ is still waiting for a translation, but I finished the french one a while ago so it shouldn’t take too long. “Anime Sanjuushi 2″ is still waiting for an edit, I’ll try to see if someone can edit it as the translation is over since a while.

Two others things :

- SantaBla released “Shin Mazinger Z” in BluRay, more informations and download links here : http://www.hiei-tf.fr/smf_frenchiessubs/index.php?topic=207 (they’ll be put on the XDCC in a few hours. Once it’s done, I’ll say it on the forum thread).

- The registration on the forum is actually disabled because of too much spammer registration, I’ll try to check how to get ride of that before reopening it. If you really want/need to register on the forum, email me at scripts-elysion@hiei-tf.fr with the login you want, I’ll register you with a default password that you can change later. Later!

Edit : Here’s the torrent links :

Episode 28 : http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=277075

Episode 29 : http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=277076

Edit 2 : As Megaupload is actually down, all the “Shin Mazinger Z” have been put on the XDCC of the team IRC channel.

One for all, all for one!

Hi, everybody!

I’m Johnny, the friend Hiei- was talking about in his former news and I am glad to introduce the new project of Frenchies-Subs, in which I am the translator: “Anime Sanjuushi”, the anime version of “The Three Musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas, a famous french writer from the 19th century.

This anime was dubbed in french and got official version in France, but not in most of foreign countries, so now it is fixed.

I’m interested in Hiei-’s english team, even though the animes released by Frenchies-Subs get their french subs, so I had the idea of releasing english fansubs too, under his banner and with his agreement.

The first episode is now released and I hope you will enjoy it. I thank Hiei- and SantaBla for their patience and their precious help.

I still don’t know about the pace of the releases, because, like Hiei- is, I am very busy with my life and my own french fansubs. However, I will do all my best to satisfy you.

I also think about another project, but I will not start it after “Anime Sanjuushi” 02 to be translated, I don’t want to walk in the same shoes as some teams that release the very fist episode of any oldies and will not go further ( I will not say their names, everybody knows who they are).

By the way, enjoy “Anime Sanjuushi” first episode!


From Hiei- : Megaupload link available in the DDL section, file also added on the XDCC.

Torrent :  http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=246807

About the next releases

Next planned release is a new series not done by “Frenchies-Subs”.

When I say “not done by “Frenchies-Subs”, I mean it’s a project of a friend who just do not want to create a team just for that purpose.

So we help him with the encode and edit whenever we have time, and so, it won’t delay the other releases, so DON’T WORRY :D

Then, we’ll release “Dai no Daibouken 15″, it’s been a while since the last episode of this series.

After that, “Captain Tsubasa 28″, “Ring ni Kakero OVA 4 (Season 3) and “Dai no Daibouken 16″ should follow.

We’re still working on “Shin Captain Tsubasa OVA 4″ and plan to release it soon or later.

Here’s what we plan/hope to reach for each series for the end of the year (can be more, but let’s hope it’ wont be “less”, at least) :

- Captain Tsubasa : Episode 32

- Dai no Daibouken : Episode 17 or 18

- Ring ni Kakero – Season 3 : End of the season (If we manage to get the DVDs, we’ll start the Season 4 just after the end of the Season 3).

- Shin Captain Tsubasa : OVA 5 or 6

By the way, “Captain Tsubasa 27″ was the 50th release of the team, and the 12th release of the year.

Actual record is 14 releases during year 2009, so it’ll definitively be broken :D (as CT 28 and CT 29 are already translated, and “Dai 15/RNK OVA 4″ are nearly done).